Convert your SONY ERICSSON P910i into IR / NIGHT VISION camera.

THIS CONVERTATION HAS BEEN MADE ON P910i, but I think it may work with P900 and P800 as well .

Do this on your own risk, I'm not responsible for any mistakes you make !!!!! I did it and it works perfectly well.

·Step 1        USE this kind of SCREW DRIVER , you also need a sharp knife and a file to file the camera alittle if you use the METHOD 2 mentioned on page 3.
You need to make a new filter that blocks visible light and only lets IR through, so to make this you need an exposed color pictures negative…
You can use the part which is BLACK at the beginning of the negatives. It has a better effect than brownish parts.
If you don't have negatives, just goto local photo studio and ask for it, they will probably have some .

·Step 2        First of all , remove the Battery , Memory Stick and Stylus . BACK UP YOUR PHONE ( just incase , I didn't loose any information only date and time was resetted). At the Back side of the phone there are 4 screws , undo all of them. For the top screws push plastic parts with a thin screw driver or a small knife.

Once the four screws are out, turn the phone around . Pull apart the front cover smoothly and the whole front panel will come off .You don't need to take out the FLIP QWERT keyboard , let it stay on.

·Step 3        You should be left with the following:                                                

Like turning book pages, turn the Touch Screen towards right (as if you turned into PREVIOUS page on a book)        
Remove the 2 screws on the metal part on the left.                                                                                         Take out the metal part on left and put it aside.

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